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Wewow Environmental Policy

Wewow Ltd. are committed to reducing the environmental impact of their business practices and leading the optical media industry in their efforts to promote sustainable practice and products.


  • All ‘A’ Grade and Mixed Grade paper is recycled – this includes envelopes, magazines etc.
    Every member of staff has a recycling desk tidy, for convenience.
  • All waste CD/DVD’s resulting from production are recycled.
  • The majority of wewow’s used cardboard boxes are either re-used by wewow or donated to a local company who re-use them for the packaging of their own orders.
  • Cardboard boxes which can no longer be re-used, are recycled by a local company.
  • Specialist inkjet print cartridges are used for our in-house disc printers – where possible, these are re-filled rather than disposed of.
  • Regular staff training sessions are held to discuss environmental issues and wewow’s eco-friendly products.
  • Annual office events are run to encourage sustainable practice in the workplace – in 2009 this was done in support of World Environment Day.
    The money raised through our 2009 event was donated to the
    Forest of Bradford who will plant trees in the local area on wewow’s behalf.
  • All training documents are easily accessible in digital format and staff are encouraged to access these documents in this way rather than printing multiple copies.
    The wewow blog is used as a source of training material, so that documents are in digital format but in a central location.
  • As far as possible, files are kept digitally and printing is kept to a minimum.
  • In cases where it is necessary for print documents to be printed, staff are encouraged to format documents in a way which avoids waste and to use double-sided print if possible.
  • Where possible, we avoid the use of direct-mail campaigns in favour of email/online marketing campaigns.
  • Motion activated lights in our toilets mean that lights are not left on when rooms are empty.
  • Overhead lighting in our main office has been reduced by 50%.
  • Car sharing is promoted.



  • The production of our eco-friendly packaging solutions is carried out solely within West Yorkshire.
  • wewow’s bespoke packaging solutions are designed with the environment in mind.
    No plastic is used in wewow’s branded packaging range, with other materials such as card (sourced from well managed forests or card with a high recycled content).  Card is kept to a minimum with all of our current products being produced from a single piece of card, rather than multiple layers of card being glued together.
  • wewow continually work to develop innovative and sustainable packaging solutions.
    We are currently developing bio-degradable solutions, for customers who require a sustainable, plastic-type solution.
  • Where possible, wewow’s printed packages are printed using vegetable based inks.
  • Where possible, wewow will use alcohol free printers or a printer which is lower than 5%.
  • wewow will avoid the use of matt/gloss laminates and are currently looking for alternatives, including; bio-degradable laminate and the use of different card.
  • Where possible, wewow will use eco-friendly bubble wrap to package customer orders which require extra protection.



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