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Standard CD and DVD Packaging

CD & DVD DigiPak

wewow supplies a range of DigiPaks available in CD and DVD size, which are produced from environmentally board as standard.  The DigiPak includes a plastic CD/DVD tray and the DigiPak case is printed in full colour throughout. 

The DigiPak is available from wewow in short-run and large quantities.  For further information, contact wewow today.

Jewel Cases
Jewel cases are a popular option for music CDs and we have a number of options available including a variety of tray colours, multiple trays and the super jewel case.

wewow print CD booklets and tray inlays for the jewel case to the highest quality and we use FSC accredited paper and vegetable based inks as standard.  The jewel case is a cost-effective solution for both CD/DVD replication and CD/DVD duplication projects.

If you'd like prices and further information please contact us for a 'quick quote.'
DVD Cases
wewow supplies a variety of DVD Cases. Single DVD Cases, Double DVD Cases, Slim DVD Cases and even Coloured DVD Cases. We source our DVD Cases direct from the manufacturers so you can be assured of the very best quality and prices.

Our DVD Cases accommodate internal booklets up to 3mm thick. For price information and minimum order quantity for DVD Cases, Double DVD Cases, Slim DVD Cases and Coloured DVD Cases please see our DVD Cases in our Cases section. We also supply Slim DVD Cases and Double DVD Cases.
Our CShells (aka ClamShells or C Shell) offer an alternative to Jewel Cases. CShells can be personalised and supplied in many colours.

CShells have an ultra slim profile and lightweight construction. CShells are very durable with a one-piece polypropylene construction. CShells are particularly useful for the Online DVD rental industry especially when fitted with our protective material to stop the DVD's scratching in transit.

For price information and minimum order quantity for CShells please contact us.
Clear Plastic Wallets
Our clear, polypropylene Disc Wallets, aka CD Sleeves, CD Wallets, CD Pockets, Polypropylene CD Sleeves/Wallets for CD's and DVD's are supplied in various options. Disc Wallets, CD Sleeves, CD Wallets, CD Pockets can be supplied with our without flaps, stitched or smooth edge. Disc Wallets, CD Sleeves, CD Wallets, CD Pockets are a very economical way of packaging your CD’s or DVD’s.

For price information and minimum order quantity for Disc Wallets, CD Sleeves, CD Wallets or Polypropylene CD Sleeves/Wallets please contact us.
Printed Card Wallets

In addition to wewow's popular 100% recycled card wallets, wewow also offer cost-effective card wallets for CD and DVD media.

CD/DVD card wallets are printed in full colour on high-quality board and are available for short-run duplication projects and large-volume CD/DVD replication runs.

For prices and additional information about CD card wallets, DVD card wallets and 100% recycled card wallets please contact us.


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