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WowPak Environmentally Friendly CD Packaging

WowPak adds the WOW factor!



Eco Promotional CD Packaging

Take one exceedingly bright idea... add one very simple piece of board... print it, cut it, fold it, and before you know it, you have an unique eco friendly CD packaging solution.

The WowPak has been carefully designed to remove the need for a plastic CD tray, making it an environmentally friendly alternative to the jewel case or digipak.  In the place of the traditional plastic tray, a cardboard slip tray holds the disc securely in place, popping up as the package is opened to display a professionally printed CD.


WowPak - Environmentally Friendly CD Packaging

Open up the pack and the disc pops up immediately, displaying your printed onbody artwork. There’s also space for a printed CD booklet or second CD in the pocket at the back.  The entire package will be printed with your branding, adding even more oomph to this quirky yet practical packaging and making it an ideal packaging solution for your CD/DVD replication project.  To ensure that your CD packaging is as eco friendly as possible, we only ever print WowPaks with vegetable-oil based inks and where possible we use alcohol-free printers.

Clients have a choice of FSC accredited board or 80-100% recycled board; we also have a range of coloured recycled boards and metallic and mirror shine FSC boards available.

So… now for the big question – how much does this little beauty cost? We think we’ll wow you with the price too, so contact us now for a tailored quote.

Packaging Specifications

Eco friendly CD Packaging - free from plastic

Full colour print (vegetable oil based inks)

Space for a printed CD booklet

Minimum order 1000 units



Registered Design 4006784

Please Note - wowPak is a registered design of wewow Ltd and we do not allow any other company to print or re-produce any of our products.

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