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How much CO2 will you save with the WowWallet?

 CD WowWallet vs. Jewel Case

 100 WowWallets = saves 24.4KG CO2

 500 WowWallets = saves 122KG CO2

 1000 WowWallets = saves 244KG CO2



DVD WowWallet vs. DVD Case

100 WowWallets = saves 24KG CO2

500 WowWallets = saves 120KG CO2

1000 WowWallets = saves 240KG CO2

These figures are based on a Life Cycle Assessment of the CD & DVD WowWallets, commissioned by wewow in 2010.

Following this life cycle assessment of the WowWallet, wewow have continued to work on the WowWallet packaging range and in late 2010 we were thrilled to launch low-carbon versions of both CD & DVD WowWallets.  Our low-carbon WowWallets are even more eco-friendly than the standard WowWallets summarised in the table above.  Contact us today to find out more about our low-carbon WowWallets.

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