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Disc Wallets, CD Sleeves, CD Wallets, CD Pockets, Card Wallets

CD/DVD Card Wallet

wewow produce high-quality printed card wallets for CD and DVD projects.

Full colour CD/DVD card wallets are available for short-run projects (digitally-printed) and larger volumes (lithographically printed).

The CD/DVD card wallet is a cost-effective and eco-friendly packaging solution for both duplication and replication orders.




Recycled Card Wallets

wewow's eco-friendly CD/DVD card wallets are now available with 100% recycled board!

wewow's recycled card wallets are produced from sustainable card and can be printed in full colour with vegetable-oil based inks.

100% recycled card wallets are now available for short-run projects at great low costs!  Get in touch to find out more!




Lancing Pack

The CD/DVD Lancing Pack is a high-quality card wallet with an additional(s) flap/panel which provides extra room for printed artwork.

Your CD or DVD is held securely in place inside the lancing pack.  In addition, the wallet can be adapted to include additional panels or space for a CD booklet, making it a versatile and cost-effective packaging solution for your CD/DVD replication or duplication project.




Plastic CD & DVD Wallets

Our clear, polypropylene Disc Wallets, aka CD Sleeves, CD Wallets, CD Pockets, Polypropylene CD Sleeves/Wallets for CD's and DVD's are supplied in various options. Disc Wallets, CD Sleeves, CD Wallets, CD Pockets can be supplied with our without flaps, stitched or smooth edge. Disc Wallets, CD Sleeves, CD Wallets, CD Pockets are a very economical way of packaging your CD’s or DVD’s.

For price information and minimum order quantity for Disc Wallets, CD Sleeves, CD Wallets or Polypropylene CD Sleeves/Wallets please contact us.


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