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CD Jewel Cases




wewow supply a complete range of standard CD/DVD packaging solutions and our dedicated  customer advisors will be happy to advise you of the best CD packaging option for your project.

Unfortunately, jewel cases are manufactured from plastic and are not widely recycled so, if you are looking for a more eco-friendly alternative to the jewel case, take a look at our range of environmentally-friendly CD packaging.  Our CD WowWallet is proven to reduce the carbon emissions of CD packaging by up to 80%.  Click here for further information about the life cycle assessment of the CD WowWallet and CD jewel case.


Cost-effective CD Packaging

Jewel cases are a popular option for packaging music CDs and other CD releases for retail and available as a packaging option for both CD duplication and CD replication projects.  The jewel case is ideal for retail CDs as it protects the CD, whilst attractively presenting the disc inside.  The jewel case also includes space for a printed booklet and tray insert, providing plenty of room for printed information and creative artwork design.  The CD jewel case can then be finished with cello-overwrapping to ensure that it is suitable for distribuition in retail shops.


         CD Replication &                        SlimLine Jewel Case                  CD jewel case with printed                  SuperJewel Case
     Jewel Case Packaging                           Packaging                                 booklet and inlay                            CD Packaging


Range of tray colours available including; clear, black and white.

Multiple tray jewel cases are available to package several CDs

Super jewel case offers a more durable and protective packaging solution and is becoming increasingly popular with music artists and record labels.

Slim-line jewel cases - ideal for music CD singles.

CD Jewel Case - Printed Paper Parts

CD jewel cases are available in a range of capacities and can accomodate printed CD booklets and tray inlays (with the exception of slim-line CD jewel cases which hold a CD booklet only).  Our CD paper parts are printed in full colour to the highest quality and we print on FSC accredited paper, with vegetable based inks as standard. 

Artwork templates for jewel case inserts, including CD booklets and tray inlays, can be downloaded from our website or requested from our expert customer service team.

Recent Projects:

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